About the Eastern Shore Church

About the Eastern Shore Church

The people who make up the Eastern Shore church are much like you and your family. They get up every morning and go to work, go to school or go about their daily routines. They are men and women, boys and girls, moms and dads, moms and daughters, sons and fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. Like most anybody else they pay their bills, go to the doctor, attend PTA meetings and Little League ballgames. Sometimes they face really difficult even horrid problems.

They are the church of Christ that meets in Daphne.

What Should I Expect at the Eastern Shore Church?

You will be an honored guest when you visit with us. We believe that our guests pay us a tremendous complement by visiting our services. We know you could be doing something else with your time. We want to make sure that you are well greeted when you arrive and that you leave knowing a little bit more about the Bible and feeling that you have met with God in worship.

Bible Classes

 We have Bible classes for all ages at Eastern Shore. We offer an attended nursery for infants and then begin with Bible classes for toddlers through high school age. Adults enjoy their own class. However all students and adults study the same lesson which makes home discussion easier. Of course the lessons are prepared and target for each age group.

In Bible class you can sit back and listen or ask questions and make observations of your own. Teachers are well prepared and enjoy participation by the class. If you have additional questions they are always happy to help you find the answer you are searching for. You will find that the lesson are all Bible based - after all - that's why we call it Bible class!

Classes last about 40 minutes.


 After Bible classes everyone comes into the auditorium. They is an attended nursery where you can leave your infants or stay with them. Children are welcomed and even encouraged in the worship assembly. We can't think of a better for them to learn than to be with us and watch us worship. Sometimes they cry and act out. That's ok with us, they will learn.

Welcome and Announcements

Our preacher will be the first person who speaks. He will welcome eveyone and make sure that all guests have one of our Welcome Packets. We will ask guests to complete a visitor's card so that we will have a record of your visit. Of course,  that's optional and fully up to you.

We generally don't make announcements unless they are very important but sometimes we need to tell everyone about something important so we'll do that now.

The preacher will next read a brief passage of Scripture and then will ask everyone to stand. He will offer a short prayer as we begin our worship. We usually ask you to remain standing for our first song.


We love to sing at Eastern Shore! Each worship service we will sing 6 or 7 songs. Our song leaders and preachers work to coordinate the songs with the lesson that will be taught. Singing is a great source of encouragement and even teaching. In the churches of Christ we all sing together! Our purpose is for each person to worship God so we all sing every song. There is no need for a choir or band as we all participate in worship. You probably know many of the songs we sing but even if you do not there are songbooks for your convenience. Most people use a songbook.

You will notice that we do not use piano's, organs or any musical instrument other than the human voice. Music is one of the greatest blessings God created for us and the human voice is beyond compare. We do not use mechanical instruments because the early church, under the supervision of the Lord's own apostles, never did. It may seem strange to you at first, but remember you are now singing like the very first church members sang!


Prayer is a privilege given to Christians by the Lord. There will be several prayers during each service. The preacher begins the service and his lesson with prayer, there is an "opening prayer" near the beginning and then a closing prayer at the end. Other prayers may be offered if requested by the Christians. 

As we are led in prayer, each person is also praying along with the prayer leader silently. In essence, you make his prayer your prayer.

The Lord's Supper or Communion

We assemble for the Lord's Supper every  Sunday. Like our singing, this was something done every week, on Sunday, by the first Christians. Only those persons baptized for the remission of their sins partake.

The  Lord's Supper includes unleavened bread which represents the body of Jesus broken at Calvary. The fruit of the vine, pure grape juice, represents the blood of Jesus which was freely given for our sins. Each person takes a small amount of the bread and takes his own small cup from the tray in order to observe the Lord's Supper.

Communion is a very special moment when we remember what Jesus did for us and when we examine ourselves to see if we are faithful to his call.

The Contribution

Separate from the Lord's Supper is the contribution. We collect funds from our church members who voluntarily contribute to our work. Guests are not expected to contribute. Funds collected are used to advance the work of the church. A careful accounting is provided each month to our members. Our elders set the budgets and spending plans for the church. Much of our funding goes to support both local and foreign evangelism.

The Sermon

About 10:30 our preacher will offer a lesson. You may have heard it called a homily. The message or sermon is a careful discussion of some Scripture or Biblical topic. All of the main points of the sermon will come from the Bible. While some illustrations may be taken from the present culture or from the media, the Bible is the foundation of every lesson.

We encourage you to take notes and write down questions that come to mind. After the service, the preacher will be happy to answer any question you may have.

The sermon lasts for about 30-35 minutes. At the end the preacher will offer an invitation to anyone who wants to become a Christian or who wants to rededicate their lives. While it is not a requirement, people usually walk to the front as we sing a song, meet the preacher and tell him of their needs. If you prefer to meet privately that is certainly appropriate.


After the sermon any responses or baptisms are handled. Then we sing a song, have a closing prayer and are then dismissed. But please don't rush out! Hang around for a few minutes and let us greet you. We want to introduce ourselves and get to know you. Remember, you have complemented us by attending, give us a minute to say thank you!

Services are usually over with by 11:15 on Sunday morning and 7:00 on Sunday night.

See you soon!




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