Worship Update / Online Guide (March 13, 2021)

We worship in person on Sunday at 10 and again at 5 for Bible study. We would love to see you! There is no Bible Study class on May 30 at 5.

On Wednesday night we also assemble for Bible Study at 7 PM. Please come and join with us!

Worship may be viewed on our YouTube channel both live and in an archive. While we are thrilled to have you visit via our online services, it is not the same as assembling together. We have reserved seating in a separate room for those desiring more space and a mandatory mask environment.

Below you will find the connection information for our ZOOM Classes.

Our Online Connection Guide is available for your assistance.

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Meeting ID

(if requested)

 Sunday Adult Bible Study (Evans)   5 PM
Link  Office, (251) 626-7345  (301) 715-8592 811 6510 4290
 Monthly Ladies Bible Study 8:30 AM Link  Office, (251) 626-7345  (301) 715-8592 868 4220 0022

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