Summer 2015

A great summer is underway for the Youth at Eastern Shore. Monday nights have our youth working on the Lads-to-Leaders projects, Keepers, for the girls and Providers for the boys. The girls are learning to sew and are preparing dresses for the friends in Guyana. The boys are learning about home maintenance and are helping to do repairs around the church building.

In July we head to Indian Creek Youth camp for our 12th year. We'll join with about 250 others for a week of study and fellowship. 

In addition, various fun activities are planned throughout the summer. It's a great time to be at Eastern Shore!

The Providers will meet at 6 Monday night at the church building. Providers is the boys group and is associated with Lads-to-Leaders. Presently, the young men are learning about home maintanance, especially electricity. They will be undertaking some of the needed physical works around the church building.