Please consider this a sincere invitation to come and worship with us at Eastern Shore. Our congregation is composed of people struggling with the very same issues and challenges you face daily. Our mission is to be a humble and Christ-oriented people in the world. We know that it is scary to go somewhere new and unfamiliar. We assure you  that you will never be made to feel uncomfortable or out of place. There is no pressure as you visit and check us out.

After services, we would be thrilled to answer any and all question you might have. If you wish, feel free to contact us through the church office. We'll be happy to answer your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Labels are difficult because it really depends on your point of view. We like to say that we stand squarely in the middle of the Scriptures. We believe that when properly studied and applied, the Scriptures are the only reliable guide to life and worship. We will not bind upon anyone something that is not bound in Scripture. Likewise, we will not ignore any Bible teaching. We will study the Word and handle it properly (2 Timothy 2:15).

There is no dress code. Some will be dressed in suits and dresses while others will be more casual. The Bible offers to particular dress code other than modesty. Come as you are.

No. Members give on the first day of the week to support the work of the church. Their decisions are between them and God. Guests are not expected to give.

We all sing together without any mechanical instruments. We believe worship is directed to God and that we all participate. Therefore, we do not use instruments, choirs or praise teams.

Our preacher is Bryant Evans. Bryant has been at Eastern Shore for over 14 years. Sermons are Biblical in nature with strong applications to our lives today. Sermons typically last about 30 minutes.

Yes, we have classes for all ages taught be experienced teachers. Even the youngest children can enjoy the songs and the lessons tailored for their age.

We have a church full of imperfect angels! We welcome and encourage you to bring your children, whatever their age, into our assembly. Over time they will learn how to behave and act in a worship service.

We do provide two nursery options for infants and toddlers. You can care for your children yourself in a glassed-in room where you can listen to the service and participate. Or, you can drop your children with one of our attendants who will give them great care during the service. Whatever you choose is fine.

As parents ourselves we completely understand. You may keep your child with you in any class or assembly. You are never required to leave your child with anyone else. If you wish, moms may go with their children into the child's classroom. There, you can observe and know exactly what you child is being taught. We want you and your children to be comfortable.

We never single anyone out or cause you to feel awkward or embarrassed. We will greet you, introduce ourselves to you and extend a warm welcome. We want your first experience with us to be warm. Our hope is that we can get to know one another over time.

First of all, our worship is directed to God. He is the object of our worship. We sing together and are led in prayer. We listen to a message from the Bible and Christians take the Lord's Supper. Members also give or contribute to the financial needs of the church.

This is a worship service, not a concert and not an entertainment venue. It is an opportunity for our hearts to join together with God. 

Our worship is not liturgical nor is it pentecostal in nature. If you have specific questions, email us ( or call us at 251.626.7345

Absolutely! Everyone has a different story and a different path. We are where we are because of choices we have made in the past. I don't know anyone who doesn't wish for better past decisions. Jesus is not concerned about your past, but your future. Anyone who is ready to grow spiritually is welcomed. There may be changes needed, after all, we are called to repent. We will patiently work with you to find the salvation you need.

Great question! In fact, it's the greatest question a person can ask!

The quick answer is that salvation comes by submission to Jesus. Confession that Jesus is the Son of God, repentance or turning from sin, and baptism in water for the remission of sin are all required. Let us study with you to show you what the Bible says about each step.

Our preacher uses the English Standard Version but frequently will use another translation if it is clearer. It is most important to come as close as possible to the original. You are free to use whatever translation you wish.